"There are few locations - if any - that fascinate me to such an extent, as an early summers morning at Jockfall. "
Gunnar Westrin

According to many people, the magnificent Jockfall is the pearl of the entire Kalix River system. During high water, almost 2,000 cubic metres of water per second, plunges through the fall, in which depths the migrating salmon is making its way upstream. In order to aid this magnificent fish, a frequently visited salmon-ladder is nowadays located at the fall, in which jumping salmon offer a splendid performance. Each year, anglers catch salmons well over 20 kilograms, and during recent years, a record-breaking salmon-angling has been noted. During such festivities, not many locations in Europe can be compared with this one. Fly-fishing for salmon has become the great attraction and today, keen anglers come to this location from far and near. The Jockfall with its climbing salmons is today a rarity, a pearl of the wilderness, extremely worth saving. Already one week before Midsummer, the angler might start fishing for climbing salmon. The climax of the fishing season is reached a little later than the middle of July, but the season goes on during the entire summer. In the proximity of the fishing-grounds, a frequently visited restaurant offers every angler and guest, local and regional delicacies - the best of the County of Norrbotten. The establishment might furthermore offer pleasant accommodation in four-bed cabins.


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